Day Program Discounts

Multi-week enrollments receive a $50 per-week discount.

Band discounts

Band discounts are offered to musicians that enroll to play in the same band. There must be at least three musicians enrolling to qualify. Remember that one of our staff musicians will be joining this band to oversee the rehearsals and to perform where needed (as in the case of a band member not being able to attend Summer Music Programs). This would be a $50 per week, per band member discount. Please contact Greg Wright to receive this discount; we would need to know the names of everyone and which instruments they play in advance of sending enrollment. Two family members that want to join as a band can qualify for the family discount (below).

Family discounts

Offered to any brothers or sisters attending. We realize that they do not always wish to play in the same band because of age or differing tastes in music. That is not a problem, we still offer the $50 per child, per week discount. This will not be combined with the band discount, it is offered as an alternative only.

Enroll for four weeks for only $1,600.

This is our best deal. This cannot be combined with any other day program discount.